VersaTenn V 

VersaTenn V Tenney Environmental Chamber Controller

Developed by Tidal Engineering and integrated into Tenney Environmental test chambers, the VersaTenn V (VTV)  provides the power to run temperature/humidity cycling and altitude tests using the Familiar Windows(TM) interface.  

Embracing the "Global Connected Factory" concept, the VTV moves test data around the lab through IEEE 488, RS-232, and RS-485 interfaces; around the factory through Ethernet networking; and around the world over the Internet.  The controller also offers the operator a multi-language, context-sensitive help system.  From the touch panel interface to world wide internet access, Tidal brings the future of environmental testing to the here and now.  

Developed in conjunction with the VersaTenn V controller, the LinkTenn 32 provides remote monitor and control of multiple chambers from a single PC using the Windows(TM) interface. In addition to remote control and monitoring, the LinkTenn 32 has a powerful Profile Editor and a customizable Email Fax Alert System. The LinkTenn 32 offers complete control of all your compliant environmental chambers from a single location.

VersaTenn V Touch Screen Interface

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Detailed Information

Tidal Joins T&M World's 2001 Best in Test Winners!
List of VersaTenn V frequently asked questions.
Download the list "VersaTenn V FAQ Rev I" in Adobe Acrobat.

Video Demonstrations

Video 01 VersaTenn V - Capture Screen Shots
Video 06 VersaTenn V - Panel Lock
Video 10 VersaTenn V - MAC Address - Application Note 18
Video 11 VersaTenn V - Web Server - Application Note 7
Video 12 VersaTenn V - SimpleComm - Application Note 8 

Application Notes  
VersaTenn V AppNote 1 - Data Logging Capacity Calculations Rev 3  (pdf 12k)
AppNote 1 describes how to calculate the number of history samples that can be logged on the flash disk. The logged process data and machine diagnostics are used for producing test reports and system troubleshooting.

VersaTenn V AppNote 2 - Memory Leak and Boot Disk Creation Rev 4  (pdf 79k)

You can prevent the LOW PROGRAM MEMORY error by keeping a boot disk in the VTV's floppy drive at all times. This AppNote includes step by step instructions for creating a boot disk. Note: This issue was resolved in VTV versions 2.0 and later.

VersaTenn V AppNote 3 - Exporting the History File to Multiple Disks Rev 2  (pdf 326k)

If the data recorded to the log file exceeds the 1.44MB limit of a floppy disk, you will need to export the file to 2 or more floppy disks. This AppNote guides the user through the export process and also aids in troubleshooting during file export.

VersaTenn V AppNote 4 - Touch Screen Calibration Rev 2  (pdf 81k)

To insure that the x/y coordinates pressed on the touch screen hardware correlate to the same x/y coordinates in windows software, the screen must be calibrated. This AppNote includes step by step screen calibration instructions. Screen calibration is only necessary during factory installation or if the touch screen is replaced.

VersaTenn V AppNote 5 - Low Storage Alarm Rev 3  (pdf 35k)

This application note describes the “Low Storage Alarm” feature of the VersaTenn V. It explains the purpose of the alarm and provides step by step instructions for clearing the alarm and adjusting the chamber settings to prevent this alarm from occurring.

VersaTenn V AppNote 6 - VTV Revision Change History  (pdf 17k)

The VersaTenn V’s control software is field upgradeable. Over time, new versions are released to add features, improve usability and fix problems. The purpose of this application note is to identify the different versions that have been released to date and describe the significant differences and improvements.

VersaTenn V AppNote 7 - Using the Web Server Rev 4  (pdf 456k) Video

This application note describes how to setup the chamber and the web browser for communications over the World Wide Web.

VersaTenn V AppNote 8 - VTV Simple Comm Rev 4  (pdf 167k) Video

The “VTV SimpleComm” application is an all in one communications package designed to be used with VersaTenn V environmental chambers. It provides a simple interface for sending and receiving commands over: RS-485, RS-232, IEEE 488 and TCP/IP. This AppNote provides instructions for setting up and using the application and sample code for in-house developers who wish to write their own code for communicating with the VersaTenn V.

VersaTenn V AppNote 9 - Connecting to Multiple VT V's Using a Modem Rev - (pdf 1,359k)

Using internet communications and a low cost modem router, you can remotely monitor and control your environmental chambers from anywhere over a standard telephone line and your PC's modem.

VersaTenn V AppNote 10 - A Simple VTV Local Area Network Rev -  (pdf 542k)

Using a low cost cable/DSL router, you can remotely monitor and control your environmental chamber from anywhere in your factory or over the Internet using Ethernet cable connections. This application note will guide you through the setup of your VTV chamber, a Belkin Cable/DSL router and your PC for Ethernet communications.

VersaTenn V AppNote 11 - VTV Analog Retransmit Outputs Rev B  (pdf 108)

One of the optional features often selected for environmental chambers is the circular chart recorder. The chart recorder is a graphing device used to record chamber data such as temperature, humidity and pressure over time. The VersaTenn V can provide up to two analog signals called Analog Retransmit 1 and 2 that can output these parameters as well as internal PID values. This application note will guide you through the setup for graphing and for custom external heat and cool systems.

VersaTenn V AppNote 12 - A Simple VTV Wireless Network Rev A  (pdf 1,220k)

Using a low cost D-Link Ethernet Wireless Bridge, you can remotely monitor and control your environmental chamber from anywhere in your factory or over the Internet without Ethernet cable. This application note will guide you through the setup of your VTV chamber, a D-Link Ethernet Wireless Bridge and your PC for wireless Ethernet communications.

VersaTenn V AppNote 13 - VTV Step Descriptions Rev B  (pdf 16k)

The VersaTenn V supports a robust programming language allowing users to programmatically control their chamber for repetitive tasks. The VersaTenn V supports five different step types, with each step type having a specific function. The steps are: Setpoint, Waitfor, Jumploop, AutoStart and Stop. This application note describes each step in detail.

VersaTenn V AppNote 14 - VTV Upgrade Instructions Rev E  (pdf 421k)

Follow the instructions in this application note to upgrade the VTV application.

VersaTenn V AppNote 18 - Determine the MAC Address of your VersaTenn V Rev A  (pdf 41k) Video

Network administrators may require the MAC address of an embedded device to administrate the network.

VersaTenn V AppNote 19 - Olympic Board Calibration Rev A  (pdf 620k)

The Olympic Board Calibration Wizard is a step-by-step program designed to walk the user through the VersaTenn V calibration processes.

VersaTenn V AppNote 20 - Retransmit Signal Converter Rev A  (pdf 313k)

The TE1803 is a DIN rail or side mount, selectable input/output signal conditioner with 1500 VDC isolation between input and output, and 1500 VDC isolation between 24-volt power and input/output. 
VTV SimpleComm Application V 4.5.3 (zip 6M) - T&MW Note: The VTV SimpleComm application requires the "T&MW Instrument  I/O Control" component which is installed separately (included in this zip file). To install the T&MW Control, open the "TMWmagGPIBActivex.ZIP" file and run the "Setup.exe".
VTV SimpleComm VB Source Code V4.3 (zip 98k) - T&MW Note: The VTV SimpleComm application requires the "T&MW Instrument  I/O Control" component which is installed separately (included in this zip file). To install the T&MW Control, open the "TMWmagGPIBActivex.ZIP" file and run the "Setup.exe".
VTV SimpleComm C++ Source Code V 1.0.0 (zip 42k)

General Information  
VTV Technical Manual Rev F (pdf 14MB)
VTV Specifications Rev A (pdf 60k)
VTV UUT Module Setup Procedure - Monitor up to 64 sensors with a UUT module. (pdf 30k)
VTV LabVIEW 8.0 Drivers  (lib 589k)  LabVIEW 8.0 Multi-protocol LabVIEW drivers for the VersaTenn V environmental test chamber controllers. Supports National Instruments’ latest LabVIEW versions (8.00 and 8.2). Engineered to work with the controllers’ built-in Ethernet-TCP/IP, GPIB and RS-232 communications capabilities, the new driver is designed to speed development of temperature, humidity and altitude test programs.
VTV LabVIEW 5.0 Driver GPIB only (lib 986k)
VTV LabVIEW 5.0 Driver Manual - TE1480 (pdf 631k)
VTV 2.0.08 Communication Commands
(pdf 32k)
VTV 1.4.88 Communication Commands (pdf 24k)
VTV 1.3.08 Communication Commands - (pdf 26k)
VTV 1.2.19 Communication Commands - (pdf 25k)
of the VersaTenn V Environmental chamber controller.
Related Information  
The Chief - Turnkey embedded control framework used in Tenney chambers.
Windows CE Controller - Windows CE LCD supervisor and touch screen controller.
LinkTenn 32 - a PC based multi-chamber controller designed for the VersaTenn V and other Tenney environmental chamber controllers.
Press Releases  
11/1/02 - LabVIEW drivers are now available for the VersaTenn V.  Contact
Lunaire for more information.
2/06/01 - Tidal's environmental chamber controller awarded "Best in Test" by Test & Measurement World.
9/28/00 - Tidal develops powerful embedded system for Tenney Environmental.
9/01/00 - WebTouch Remote debuts in new embedded control framework.
7/01/00 - Tenney Environmental is set to unveil their new Tidal Engineering control system at Wescon 2000.
5/24/00 - Tidal introduces complete X86 touch panel controller for Windows CE. (pdf 7k)

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