WebTouch Remote Debuts in
New Embedded Control Framework

For Immediate Release, September 1, 2000:
Tidal Engineering Corporation announced the development and release of WebTouchTM Remote (pat. pending), a touch screen controller with built-in remote web access for Microsoft WindowsTM CE and Linux embedded platforms, demonstrating the power of Tidal's embedded control framework, according to Craig Borax, President.

"The new controller integrates touch panel hardware with the a web server for instant remote control without HTML. With the WebTouchTM Remote, embedded developers are freed from the burden of creating and maintaining two completely separate user interfaces, namely the Touch Screen GUI and the HTML website added Borax.

The WebTouchTM Remote is an important element of our embedded control framework for the Connected Factory. This technology provides the connectivity and advanced features required to implement devices for the Global Factory, an enterprise where manufacturing data and information is gathered from around the globe via the Internet and the World Wide Web, from around a factory floor via Ethernet, and from around the test lab/production area via IEEE 488 and RS-232 interfaces. To support global deployment, the framework supports multiple languages, and incorporates a built-in on-line help system. This architecture offers end users and their organization a high performance control with advanced interface and communications capabilities.

"The pressure to integrate the Internet with existing industrial applications has been growing steadily," said Borax. "In today's competitive marketplace, OEM’s are seeking to compress the time it takes to introduce new and innovative products and services," he added, " and with the introduction of Tidal's WebTouchTM Remote technology, the development-to-market phase is shortened considerably." With the emergence of the web as a prominent ingredient in a company's command and control network, Tidal's WebTouchTM Remote technology arrives at a critical time.

"Tidal Engineering works along side OEM’s to develop customized applications based on our embedded frame work. We can supply a complete system, the controller or just our Tidal Touch Controller hardware," remarked Borax.

A typical system includes Microsoft's WindowsTM CE operating system, a compact modular OS that employs the popular WIN32API. Windows CE provides the powerful and familiar Windows Graphical User Interface (GUI). Other features include built-in help, international language support, peripheral support expansion available via Universal Serial Bus (USB) interfaces and Ethernet (10/100) communications capabilities using TCP/IP networking protocols.

Some applications incorporate Disk on Chip, floppy drive and Color LCD. Tidal will customize a separate I/O processor with multi-channel A/D conversion (up to 24 bit) for process data (e.g. temperature, humidity, voltage, power and pressure data). Typical applications also include machine diagnostics, RS-232, RS-485 and IEEE 488 communications. A parallel printer interface is also available.

The WebTouchTM Remote panel solution saves engineering time because it is fully software and interface compatible with embedded single board computers, including X86 units from Aaeon and Advantech. The Tidal Touch Controller connects through a 50 or 44 pin ribbon cable to the LCD connector on the SBC. All power and LCD signals interface through this cable. Supplied drivers generate system mouse events and key events. All the Tidal Touch Controller firmware, Widows CE driver source and example application code are included. Calibration software is provided to accommodate four-wire resistive touch screens.

The WebTouchTM Remote is available now. The Tidal Touch Controller starts at $55 in OEM quantities. WebTouchTM Remote licensing starts at $15.00 in OEM quantities. Sample quantities are available now with production quantities available in November 2000. Windows CE drivers are available now. Linux drivers are under development and will be available January 2001. Contact factory for more information at WebTouch@tidaleng.com.

Early in 2000, Tidal Engineering Corporation, Entelechy Software and ADI American Distributors Inc. formed a strategic alliance called ET3 (Entelechy-Tidal Training Technology) to provide embedded software training for Windows CE and Linux developers on a standard x86 platform.

Since 1994 Tidal Engineering has been designing and building embedded hardware and software for test and measurement, and data acquisition applications. In addition, Tidal's contract engineering service offers alternatives for OEM's who desire to strengthen their product development capacity.

Tidal products, like the MT488A Mini Tester, the SBC488 Single Board Computer, and MT488A-RC remote controlled IEEE 488 solution, are used by major corporations in several market segments, and have been recognized by industry for their high standard of quality and innovation. They are available exclusively from ADI American Distributors Inc., Two Emery Avenue Randolph, NJ 07869, 973-328-1181, Fax: 973-328-2302 .

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