"The Chief" –
Tidal’s Embedded Control Framework

Tidal Engineering has developed a state-of-the-art embedded control framework incorporating Microsoft Windows ™ CE for OEM test & measurement and data acquisition and SCADA applications. "The Chief" offers a powerful set of features that include; Graphical User Interface, data acquisition and control, communications and data logging. The Chief can be readily applied to any OEM application and supplied turnkey.

This framework incorporates the capabilities to take products into the 21st century. The controller incorporates communication capabilities for the "Connected Factory."  The "Connected Factory" is a global enterprise where data is gathered from around the globe via the Internet through the World-Wide-Web, from around the factory floor via Ethernet, and from around the test lab via IEEE 488 and RS-232/485.

To support global deployment, the "The Chief" supports multiple languages with its built-in on-line help system. This product offers end users and their organizations a high performance controller with advanced programming and communications capabilities.

"The Chief" utilizes Microsoft’s advanced Windows™ CE operating system. Windows CE is a compact modular OS that utilizes the popular Win32 API and features:

  • Powerful and familiar Windows Graphical User Interface.
  • Built-in help system and international language support.
  • The Universal Serial Bus (USB) provides a powerful and flexible interface. Customers can add "plug and play" keyboards and mice.
  • Advanced Ethernet (10/100) communications capabilities using TCP/IP networking protocols.

"The Chief" Features:

  • Storage and retrieval of programs and test data from/to floppy drive and local Flash disk.
  • Color LCD with touch screen and resolution of 320x240 and up.
  • Separate I/O Controller (Olympic 488) for machine interface, machine diagnostics and IEEE 488 communications.
  • Floppy drive.
  • Pentium class processor.
  • Flash Disk on ChipTM storage.
  • RS-232 and RS-485 Serial Communications.
  • Parallel Printer Interface (Optional).
  • Networking with 10/100BaseT.
  • WebTouch ™ Remote, a Built-in Web Server for Internet access over the Internet for monitoring/control and diagnostics using a standard Web Browser.
  • Multi-channel 16-bit A/D converter for process data ( e.g. temperature, humidity, voltage, power and pressure.)
  • 10-bit machine diagnostics interface for advanced remote troubleshooting.


The Chief -
Typical Configuration Diagram

chiefdiagram.gif (28935 bytes)


Download the complete file in Adobe Acrobat Reader format. (pdf 13k)