WebTouch Remote(tm) Offer

The Synergy Controller WebTouch Remote (tm) feature is now available at no charge to new and existing customers of Synergy Controller/Data Loggers.

With WebTouch Remote(tm) operators and engineers have full access to their test chamber's Synergy Controller touch screen using any web browser. This powerful feature is useful for offsite monitoring and for saving time in the lab. It displays the same user interface in the web browser as on the local touch screen.

"We promise our customers that their investment in our products will pay dividends because our standardized
interfaces protect against obsolescence and because we are constantly listening and developing new features and capabilities that add value. This offer is an example of Tidal delivering on that promise" said Tidal Engineering President Craig Borax. "When we introduced WebTouch Remote(tm) it was an optional added-value feature but today engineers and technicians expect this capability."

Synergy Controller users can fill out a form online to register for this promotion. No additional hardware is required; the feature is available on all new and fielded systems.

Technical Resources


WebTouch Remote Demonstration Video - English

WebTouch Remote Demonstration Video - Chinese

WebTouch Remote Application Note



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