Synergy488 - Environmental Chamber Communications Gateway

Synergy488 - Supporting Ethernet, IEEE 488/GPIB, and RS-232 Communications

Tidal's award winning gateway application hardware and firmware is engineered specifically for applications requiring the precise measurement and control of temperature and/or humidity on most popular environmental test controllers.

The Synergy488 communications gateway consists of our popular SBC488E Single Board Computer and application specific firmware to provide Ethernet, IEEE 488/General Purpose Interface Bus (GPIB), and RS-232 communications capabilities to an extensive list of environmental test chamber controllers. This unit is a member of Tidalís Synergy Series of patent pending, web-enabled hardware and software products designed to enhance the overall efficiency of the environmental testing process by offering the utmost in integration and connectivity.

Expressly engineered for use in environmental testing applications in the broadest spectrum of industries and applications, The Synergy488ís gateway application provides next-generation communication capabilities to the most widely used environmental chamber controllers including the VersaTenn II / VersaTenn III, Watlow F4/924, Yokogawa UP550/750, Blue M Pro-750/Pro-550, and Partlow 1462. Tidalís Synergy488 Gateway may further be ordered to support additional models of environmental chamber controllers by contacting the company. As such, the gateway is ideal for employment in systems and markets where controlled environments are essential for testing, screening, and calibration of critical systems and components. Among the more prevalent are the electronics, aerospace, automotive, medical and pharmaceutical sectors. The Synergy488 unit includes both RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces to communicate with most temperature chamber controllers including units with ModbusRTU communications.

The Synergy488 Gateway offers three client communications ports, IEEE 488, RS-232 and Ethernet (Optional). The unitís IEEE 488 interface provides talker, listener and controller functions. The Synergy488 monitors and receives commands from client computers on all three input ports simultaneously, and commands are sent to the chamber controllers in the order in which they were received. Consuming less than 5 W @ 7 to 24 VDC, the device has a wide operating temperature range of Ė40o to +85oC. 


Supported Environmental Chamber Controllers

VersaTenn II

Yokogawa 550

BlueM Pro 550

Watlow F4 Partlow 1462

VersaTenn III 

Yokogawa 750

BlueM Pro 750

Watlow 942 Partlow 1460


Synergy488 Firmware Revision List

Firmware Revision Description
TE1579_2_0 Added Modbus-RTU Master for F4 over GPIB and Telnet TCPIP to port 5000. Install Jumper on Mode 0 (First jumper).
TE1579_3_3 Added support for PClink for Pro550 and Pro750, Yokogawa 550 and 750 controllers. Install Jumper on Mode 1 (Second jumper).
TE1579_4_1 Added support for Partlow 1462 (Modbus) over GPIB, RS-232 and Telnet (TCPIP to port 5000). Jumper on Mode 2 (Third jumper).  Checks GPIB address dipswitch all the time, not just at power up.

For more detailed information, see the index at the bottom of this page or view a comparison of Tidal's other single board computers: SBC488E, SBC488A and SBC488.  


Detailed Information

Technical Manuals 
Synergy488 Application Manual for Environmental Chamber Controllers Rev E (pdf 946k)
Press Releases 
01/06/05 - Synergy488 wins Honorable Mention in T&M Worlds "Best in Test" Competition. (pdf 46k)
10/16/04 - Synergy488 with gateway firmware brings GPIB, RS-232 and Ethernet connectivity to environmental test controllers. (pdf 42k)