TECMS - US Tech March 01, 2004

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Computerized Power Control & Monitoring System

Randolph, NJ, — Tidal Engineering Corp., a provider of environmental control and monitoring systems for the Navy's Military Sealift Command (MSC), has enhanced their proprietary Tidal Engineering Environmental Control System (TECMS) to include comprehensive power management features. 

TECMS, a highly-integrated system comprised of computer hardware and software, is engineered specifically to meet the stringent operational requirements of the MSC, the global provider of ocean transportation for the U.S. Department of Defense. Charged with controlling the temperature and humidity within cargo spaces via ships' Air Conditioning De-Humidification (ACDH) equipment, the company's system reportedly ensures environmental conditions are maintained to their exact specifications. Moreover, TECMS' new power management feature supports vessels' limited and varying electrical power generation capacity to preclude generator overload. 

Capable of controlling, monitoring and reporting the temperature and humidity in up to 32 distinct locations by means of its over 256 sensors, TECMS also accurately logs and graphs ambient and seawater conditions. Now, with its power management feature, the enhanced TECMS functions to prevent generator overload by continually monitoring the number, and load of each generator online. An intelligent algorithm, the power management mode sheds loads on generators controlling spaces in which environments vary least from specified parameters first, while loads on generators controlling spaces in which conditions deviate most from their specified parameters are engaged first. 

The power management system furthermore prevents overloads due to inrush as it engages loads gradually. TECMS additionally creates reports, signal alarms, and uploads data via satellite. Using the company's SBC485B single-board computer — a feature-rich data acquisition system designed for harsh environments — and incorporating extensive analog and digital I/O together with RS-485 connectivity, TECMS employs Windows™ 2000-hosted “Think & Do™” software.