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Tidal awarded MSC contracts for environmental control & monitoring systems
Randolph, NJ, August 19, 2002…Tidal Engineering Corporation is being awarded contracts from the Navy’s Military Sealift Command (MSC) to provide shipboard environmental control and monitoring systems on two ships operated under MSC charter by Sealift Inc., Oyster Bay, NY. As per the contract, the roll-on/roll-off ships Bennett and Merlin will be converted by Sealift for prepositioning of military equipment and supplies to strategic locations throughout the world. These cargo vessels, outfitted with the Tidal Engineering Environmental Control and Monitoring System (TECMS), and Bailey Refrigeration’s air conditioning and dehumidification equipment, will join the over 110 ships operated by the Military Sealift Command, the global provider of ocean transportation for the US Department of Defense.

Engineered specifically to meet the stringent operational requirements of the MSC, the TECMS is an integrated system comprised of computer hardware, and software capable of controlling, monitoring and reporting the temperature and humidity in 32 distinct shipboard locations by means its of over 256 sensors. The TECMS is further designed to accurately log and graph ambient and seawater conditions, as well as the environmental histories of cargo spaces. Tidal’s system additionally generates reports, signals alarms, and uploads data via satellite.

“We’re gratified to have again been selected to work with Sealift in furnishing the technology to ensure quick-response delivery of Army, Navy and Airforce equipment for our military forces, especially in these uncertain times,” said Craig Borax, president of Tidal Engineering. “Tidal has a proven track record in meeting the military’s unique specifications by designing and developing proprietary environmental control and monitoring systems,” he continued. “Crewmembers, on vessels operated under MSC charter, have claimed the TECMS is ‘the best system on the ship’ and that we’ve ‘raised the bar’ in performance and delivery”.

The TECMS employs Tidal’s SBC485B, a single-board computer engineered specifically for shipboard use, along with the Windows 2000-hosted Think & DoTM software. Together, this singularly sturdy computer hardware and robust software control system deliver the power to acquire, analyze, and rapidly furnish precise data, affording the crew an easy to use system that meets MSC requirements. 

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