Quality System Integrator for Think & Do Software

Tidal Engineering is recognized by Think & Do Software as a Quality System Integrator.

Think & Do Software is a powerful PC based system that creates applications for use on Windows2000/NT and Windows CE devices.  The unique feature of Think & Do Software is that development is done through graphic flow chart logic directly on the PC.  Once a program is conceptually finalized, we draw the resulting flow chart with Think & Do Software and with a click of a button - all the programming code is written.

Using this method allows us to reduce development time up to 50% over more traditional coding methods.  This results in huge savings in costs and time for Tidal Engineering - which is transferred to you as savings.

While development in this manner is faster and less expensive, it in no way compromises quality or capability.  Flow chart programming lends itself to good system design from the start.  In addition to the flow chart logic for control, the software also includes: integrated HMI (human-machine interface), integrated motion control, full featured PID loop control, tag name database, and links to all popular Windows software (like Wonder-ware, Excel, Visual Basic and many others).

Scalability is another great advantage Tidal Engineering achieves with this design tool. Think & Do provides transparent scalability across the full range of Microsoft-powered controllers, including Windows 2000 workstations, Windows NT embedded platforms and Windows CE devices. Control logic can be developed for one and then run on any of the others. 

As a system integrator who builds both large and small solutions, we have found this transparent scalability to be a tremendous time-saver. Coupled with the modular, re-usable flowcharts provided for control logic, transparent scalability again dramatically speeds our system development and reduces system cost.

Tidal Engineering's benefits as a Quality System Integrator:

  • Direct access to Think & Do's team of Application Engineers.
  • Immediate access to application notes - so we never waste time re-inventing the wheel.
  • Access to their rigorous training classes. 
  • Commitment from Think & Do to give our projects full support.
  • Membership to Think & Do's W.I.L.D. bunch - Wizards of Integration Leadership and Design.