Tidal's New Internet-Enabled Thermocouple Monitoring System
Includes Free Data Logger and DDE/OPC Server Application


Tidal Engineering, a leader in the design and development of embedded hardware and software for test and measurement and data acquisition applications, released the TCweb, a 16-channel thermocouple monitoring system. Among the most flexible and functional temperature acquisition instruments available, the TCweb connects to the Internet via its built-in 10BaseT Ethernet communication port or optional 56K fax modem. It is therefore configurable to automatically send e-mail reports, and alarm messages, as well as create and serve HTML report pages to any browser with a built-in Web server. By employing the built-in modem, reports and alarms may be transmitted to fax machines. In addition to offering the power to acquire, analyze, and rapidly furnish precise data, up to 16 units may be connected in a master/slave RS-485 daisy chain arrangement allowing 256 sensors to be monitored on a single Web server.

As temperature limits, thermocouple type and alarms may be set for each individual channel to facilitate unequalled versatility in the configuration of the instrument, the TCweb is ideal for use in a broad range of industries. It is appropriate for such applications as environmental chamber monitoring and validation, drug and food storage monitoring, heat treatment monitoring, and air conditioning and central heating product testing. The unit also is designed for use in automotive R&D testing, domestic and commercial refrigeration, cookers, stoves, and heater product tests. 

Tidal’s monitor supports J, E, K, R, S, T, B, N, and C-type thermocouples, and boasts a display resolution of 0.1oC. Temperature measurements can be made up to 16 times per second with values reported in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. The TCweb incorporates built-in cold junction compensation and provides two digital-to-analog output channels to transmit two analog voltages for charting. In addition, a Form C alarm relay can be programmed to operate under specified conditions to energize an audible or visual annunciator. Further specifications include an operating temperature range of 32o to 140oF, and a power requirement of 3.5 W at 9 to 28 VDC. Measuring only 7.000” (L) x 5.000” (W) x 1.625” (H), it features a backlit LCD, and may be ordered with up to 8 MB non-volatile flash memory for data logging. 

TCweb Data Logger

The TCweb Data Logger is a free PC based data logging and reporting application used in conjunction with the TCweb.  It is designed to connect to multiple TCwebs over TCP/IP and capture data from their thermocouple monitors and present that data in various forms for graphing, data analysis and control.

Additionally, the TCweb Data Logger functions as both a DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) server and an OPC server which makes it compatible with a large number of industrial HMI/MMI applications including Wonderware™. An unlimited number of sensors can be DDE and OPC enabled and read from external applications.

The TCWeb Data Logger can operate in a both a free limited mode and a full featured mode. The software is available for download from the downloads section at the bottom of this page. To enable the full featured mode contact Tidal Engineering to purchase a USB or parallel port key. The capabilities of each mode are listed in the table below. Version upgrades are posted to the website periodically and are free to all users. For more information see the TCweb Data Logger Quick Start Guide Rev D (pdf 500k) 

TCWeb Data Logger Limited Mode (Free) and Full Feature Mode Specification Differences

Spec Limited Mode
Full Feature Mode
Monitoring Yes  Yes
Logging Records Yes Yes
Graphing Yes Yes
DDE Enabled  Yes Yes
OPC Enabled Yes Yes
Sensor Alarms No Yes
Auto Email Alarm Notification No Yes
Auto Fax  Alarm Notification No Yes

TCweb Data Logger Screen Shots


1TCweb.gif (21559 bytes)
All TCwebs
0Main.gif (23541 bytes)
A TCweb
2Sensor.gif (25447 bytes)
3Graph.gif (22169 bytes)


Detailed Information 

Application Notes 

TCweb App Note 1 - A Simple TCweb Local Area Network Rev 1 (pdf 345k)

Setup a simple low cost TCweb network in minutes using a cable/DSL router. Remotely monitor and control your TCweb units from anywhere in your factory or over the Internet using Ethernet cable connections. Works with your Web Browser, our free SimpleComm software or your own LabVIEW, Visual Basic or Visual C++ programs.

TCweb App Note 2 - Determine the MAC Address of your TCweb Rev - A (pdf 50k)

Network administrators may require the MAC address of an embedded device to administrate the network. One way to determine the MAC address of your TCweb master unit is to use the "arp" command available on Windows PCs. This application note describes how to use the "arp" command to determine the MAC address of you TCweb.

Data Sheets 
TCweb - Internet Enabled Thermocouple Monitoring System  (pdf 240k)
Press Releases 
11/16/01 - Introductory Announcement:  Tidal's New Internet-Enabled Thermocouple Monitoring System. (pdf 71k)
Technical Manuals 
TE1440 TCweb Technical Manual Rev A (pdf 1545k)
TCweb Data Logger (Quick Start Guide) (pdf 530k)
TCweb Data Logger Software Version 2.2.0 (exe 13M)
A free PC based data logging and reporting application used in conjunction with the TCweb.
TCweb Data Logger Quick Start Guide Rev D (pdf 500k)
A quick start guide for the TCweb Data Logger.
TCweb Data Logger Dynamic Data Exchange Program (zip 50k)
An Excel file preconfigured to communicate with over 500 user defined TCweb sensors via the TCweb Data Logger software.
TCweb Simulator 1.1.0 (zip 4M)
Software emulator of the TCweb system.  Useful for becoming familiar with the TCweb Data Logger software and for training and testing hypothetical situations, before interacting directly with the real TCweb hardware.

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