Synergy Manager
Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q. My chamber window doesn’t close when I click on the ‘X’ in the upper right hand corner. Why?

    A. Synergy Manager prevents closing the chamber window while still connected (communicating) with a chamber (controller). Make sure chamber window has been disconnected (not communicating with) chamber (controller), then the chamber window will close when the 'X' in the upper right hand corner is clicked.

  2. Q. Why can’t I connect to my VersaTenn III using Synergy Manager over RS232 when I was able to connect using LinkTenn?

    A. Synergy Manager can communicate with the VersaTenn III however, it uses different communications settings than LinkTenn (older product) to achieve faster throughput. Check the VersaTenn III and make sure the controller is set to 9600 Baud, 7 bits data, Odd Parity, One stop bit and XON protocol. Also make sure communications board is set for RS232 communications. Note that older version LinkTenn software uses 1200 Baud, 7 bits data, Odd Parity, One stop bit, STX protocol and the communications board is set for RS422 communications.

  3. Q. I have successfully communicated with the VersaTenn V over TCP/IP before, but I am now unable to do so, why?

    A. Under certain conditions, the VersaTenn V TCP/IP server may hang up. Disable and then enable the TCP/IP server. On the VersaTenn V control panel, press the Comm button and the TCP/IP Server folder, disable the server, wait a moment for the change to take effect, then re-enable it.

  4. Q. Synergy Manager does not recognize the USB Dongle key and now runs in ‘Monitor Only Mode’, why?

    A. Microsoft Windows™ may have assigned the wrong software driver to the USB Dongle key. Inserting the USB Dongle key BEFORE Synergy Manager was installed could have caused this improper assignment. Synergy Manager has to be properly installed first. This ensures that Microsoft Windows™ OS assigns the proper installed driver to USB Dongle key. This only happens with version 2.0.5 and later, which incorporate the Hasp protection.

    To correct the problem, please do the following:

    1. Please shutdown the Synergy Manager application.
    2. From Device Manager, choose to uninstall the USB Dongle Key entry (it may be under Other Devices, or USB Controllers and may be named "Aladdin USB Key", "HASP4..." or "HASP...").
    3. Remove the USB Key from the PC.
    4. Shutdown or reboot PC.
    5. Reinsert USB Dongle key after reboot. Wait for PC to fully recognize hardware.
    6. Start Synergy Manager application.

    Synergy Manager should now recognize the USB Dongle key and run in normal mode. If not, look at the ‘About Synergy Manager’ dialog and if the serial number is ‘FFFFFFFF’ and the status indicates ‘Invalid Application Key’, then the Dongle key has been programmed incorrectly. Call Tidal Engineering at (973)-328-1181 to obtain a RMA number to return key for proper programming.

  5. Q. When running a profile for an F4 and the Humidity channel is set to "Off", the temperature channel may not reach temperatures below zero.      Why?

    A. Normally to get temperatures below zero the humidity channel must be turned off. The F4 however has no method for doing this inside a profile except for the 'End' Step. To get temperatures below zero set the humidity channel to zero (0) percent in the profile at the appropriate step. This will allow temperatures to be controlled to below zero levels as required.

  6. Q. When downloading a profile that contains a Start step Synergy Manager generates a "Profile invalid step type" error. Why?

    A. Synergy Manager profile compiler does not support the Start step (Auto Start). When using Synergy Manager profile editor refrain from using the start step. As work around, put an extra ramp step at step 1 of the profile that sets dummy values. After profile download to the controller, manually change step 1 to a Start step with the appropriate values using the controller's profile editor.

    The Start (Auto Start) step has been implemented for the VT3, VT4, VT5, and WF4 controllers in version 2.10.80 and later. Please refer to Synergy Manager User Manual for details.

  7. Q. Why does Synergy Manager not recognize the dongle key after the installation completes with no errors on a Windows™ XP machine with SP2 installed?

    A. The dongle key needs updated drivers to be properly recognized on a Windows™ XP machine with SP2 installed. Please uninstall present version of Synergy Manager, and install version 2.09.51 or later for Synergy Manager. Also review the Application note titled “Aladdin Hasp Key Driver Install Issue_D10122006_” which details a dongle key driver installation issue and a work around.

  8. Q. Why can't I download a profile to my Partlow 1460/62 controller?

    A. After establishing proper communications, the ‘Input code’ for the Partlow 1460/62 must be entered into Synergy Manager before downloading a profile. This ‘Input code’ defines the temperature range and engineering units designation needed for compiling the profile. This code is not available from the Partlow 1460/62 through communications and therefore must be provided by the user manually. To enter code, click the 'Events' tab on chamber window. Then click the 'Controller Ranges' sub tab button. Then click the 'Enter Input Setup Code' button. At this point a numeric keypad will appear, just enter proper code and click the 'Ok' button. The proper code can be found using the Partlow 1460/62 user manual and verifying the Partlow 1460/62 configuration.

    Note: Synergy Manager version 2.09.x and later now automatically sets code to '7222'. If input code ‘7222’ is not correct, use the procedure above to set the proper code as per user’s Partlow 1460/62 configuration.

  9. Q. am a first time user of the Synergy Manager software. I am currently using RS-232 interface to a VersaTenn III controller. I'm having trouble creating a profile to run. I keep getting the error, "Error: 103 from VT3, Input out of limit, Transmitted value too large or small. Retransmit". Why?

    A. Make sure the profile editor ranges match the controller ranges. The profile editor ranges can be set using the setup button on the editor’s main menu bar. Refer to Synergy Manager’s User Manual for instructions. Set the ranges to match those found on the 'Controller Ranges' tab of chamber window (click the 'Events' tab, then select 'Controller Ranges'). If problem persists, make sure chamber window is defined according to controller specifications. Refer to Synergy Manager’s user manual for supported chamber configurations.

    If using a VT3 Temp Only controller, define the chamber window as a Temp/Temp, then use the 'Controller Ranges' tab to set the ranges for channel 2 to “-0.1 to 100”. Then, in the profile editor setup, turn channel 2 off. Then redefine chamber window as a Temp/Humidity chamber. With this work around the chamber window’s 'On/Off' buttons will not reflect the proper state of the controller as in the supported configurations. Also consider upgrading Synergy Manager to the latest version from our website at www.tidaleng.com.

  10. Q. Why when I try to open the User manual from the Synergy Manager help menu I get a “Runtime error number 52”. Why?

    A. The user manual is in Portable Document Format (PDF) and requires a suitable reader installed on PC to read these types of files. The error stems from not finding a component library file required for reading PDF files. Make sure a PDF reader is installed on the pc before attempting to open the User manual from the help menu. A free PDF reader is available from the Adobe website, also one is included on the install CD in the /support folder.

  11. Q. When our IT department set up the computer and installed Synergy Manager software, they could only get it to work if the logged user had administrative privileges. Is there any way to get around this?

    A. Yes. Synergy Manager setup exe installs the software for current user by default. Administrative privileges are needed to install/uninstall some associated drivers with the program, but program can be installed to allow 'ALL USERS' to access the application without having administrative privileges.

    Follow the steps below:

    1. Uninstall current Synergy Manager installation, do not forget to copy any profiles created to a temporary folder if they were saved in the installation folder.
    2. After uninstall procedure finishes remove the Hasp Dongle key.
    3. Now copy the Synergy Manager setup exe to a temporary folder, if using a CD, copy it from the root folder of the CD.
    4. Using the run option of the Start menu, browse to temp folder where Synergy Manager setup exe resides, select the exe and click open.
    5. After this your run dialog should have something like this in it: \Synergy Manager_Setup.exe
    6. Modify the dialog line to look like this: \Synergy Manager_Setup.exe /V"ALLUSERS=1"
    7. There should be one space between the exe and the slash 'V', and every thing else must be in upper case as shown. Click the 'OK' button to start the installation.

    When the installation finishes, reinsert Hasp dongle key so drivers can be installed. Administrative privileges are needed for this. When drivers are installed, application is now ready for use by any user of the computer.

  12. Q. I noticed that help opens an old manual even though I have upgraded Synergy Manager to the newest version. Why?

    A. Please make sure only one PDF technical manual file in the installation folder. The installation folder is typically C:\Program Files\Tidal Engineering\Synergy Manager.

  13. Q. How do I set the chamber up so that I am able to clear any existing profiles, or programs prior to start? I want to start with a clean slate before running the profile. Can I do this with Synergy Manager or do I need to manually clear it at the chamber controller? If so, how, what commands do I enter?

    A. To clear all profiles from a controller must be done manually at the controller. Please consult the controller user manual for instructions on how to accomplish this task. Synergy Manager clears only the profile (or file) that it downloads too just before download. Synergy Manager versions before v2.09.50 downloaded all profiles to profile number two (2). Synergy Manager version v2.09.50 and later, now download to profile number one (1) except for VT3 and VT5 controllers.

    The VT3 depending on configuration uses profile 1 to reconfigure controller after a power failure. In this configuration profile 1 cannot be changed. To avoid possible complications, Synergy Manager downloads to profile two (2) for the VT3.

    The VT5 does not use profile numbers but filenames. The VT5 handles the file operations either overwriting files with same name or creating new ones as needed.

    This arrangement allows users to setup other tests and work harmoniously with Synergy Manager.

  14. Q. This arrangement allows users to setup other tests and work harmoniously with Synergy Manager.

    A. There is a setting (SDP1) on the PRO 550/750 and the Yokogawa 550/750 that can cause this to happen. To correct this, set the ‘Input Type’ to ‘1v to 5v’. Then change the SDP1 parameter to zero (0), then reset the ‘Input Type’ back to the original setting, and save. Then verify Synergy Manager’s display and the Pro550 controller display are the same. Please see FAQ 24 also.

    Please refer to the controller technical manual for additional details and instructions on setting these parameters.

  15. Q. I installed Synergy Manager on my laptop now Windows reports the "NISPYLOG.DLL file is not found" after rebooting my laptop. Why am I missing the "NISPYLOG.DLL” file?

    A. The NISPYLOG.DLL file is a National Instrument file and was installed as part of the driver for another USB GPIB product. Synergy Manager does not support USB GPIB controller devices, only internal PCI-GPIB controller cards. Please uninstall the USB GPIB software, then reinstall, will fix this.

  16. Q. When I display the graph of my chamber definition window data logging stops after about an hour. What is happening?

    A. If using Synergy Manager with a USB to RS232/RS485 converter to communicate with the physical chamber data logging will seem to stop after about an hour on versions prior to 1.28.82. Actually it has just been slowed down by the graph updating method and the latency of the USB converter. Upgrade to Synergy Manager version 1.28.82 or later. Also the parameters of the USB converter may have to be adjusted to minimize latency. Please see the user manual of the USB converter in use for details on how to accomplish this.

    A good application note to read is AN232B-04 "Data Throughput, Latency & Handshaking" available from the FTDI website www.ftdichip.com. FTDI makes the chips that are used in many of the USB to RS232 converter designs on the market today. The application note explains USB latency and offers some general workarounds to try.

  17. Q. The instructions say that I should set Logging to "Off" on my VersaTenn III. Will that prevent me from logging the data from my chamber?

    A. No, Synergy Manager will still log data from the VersaTenn 3 with the controller Logging parameter set to “OFF”. In fact setting the VersaTenn 3 Logging parameter to “ON” will disrupt Synergy Manager communications entirely; so set the parameter to “OFF” for proper Synergy Manager communications and Logging.

  18. Q. I have a chamber with a VT5 controller in it. I am using RS232 to communicate with the VT5 controller and although I can download a profile I have no profile control, why?

    A. Profile control is disabled for the VT5 when using RS232 or GPIB communications due to a buffer problem on the Olympic board. Please consider using TCP/IP communications.

  19. Q. I have a chamber with a Watlow F4 controller and a USB to RS232 converter can I use Synergy Manager software?

    A. No. It is not recommended. Watlow F4 controllers utilize the modbus RTU protocol to communicate. This protocol has strict timing constraints that USB to RS232 converters will have trouble adhering to. USB to RS232 converters work differently from standard RS232 ports built onto the PC motherboard. Standard RS232 ports use an interrupt line to signal the CPU, which then handles the request at that moment. USB to RS232 require a software driver, which in turn communicates with the CPU through the OS. The CPU then handles the request when the OS says not when the USB to RS232 converter says, thus making the strict timing needs of modbus RTU protocol difficult to obtain. Use a standard RS232 port instead to alleviate any potential problems or difficulties.

    A good application note to read is AN232B-04 "Data Throughput, Latency & Handshaking" available from the FTDI website www.ftdichip.com. FTDI makes the chips that are used in many of the USB to RS232 converter designs on the market today.

  20. Q. When I select RS485 while defining a chamber with a Partlow 1462 the software responds with the message "No ports are available for this method." I am using a National Instruments USB-485 Single-Port RS485 Interface. What's wrong?

    A. The message “No ports are available for the method.” indicates that a Synergy Manager port has not been defined for this method. USB RS232/RS485 Converters appear as PC COM ports in the Windows operating system. Use Device Manager to find out what PC COM port was assigned to your converter. Close the chamber definition dialog and define a port as follows:

    For Synergy Manager versions 2.07.x and later:
      1. Select Ports > Define A Port, and then define a RS485 port using the PC COM port assigned to the converter and the presets for the controller (in this case, the Partlow 1462). See Synergy Manager User manual for more information.

    For Synergy Manager versions prior to 2.07.x :
      1. Select Ports > Define A Port, and then define a RS232 port using the PC COM port assigned to the converter and the presets for the controller (in this case, the Partlow 1462). See Synergy Manager User manual for more information.

  21. Q. I am using a Versatenn 3 controller. I needed to use the extended range feature for some tests I needed to run. When connected to Synergy Manager the Humidity channel value is displayed as a value multiplied by ten (x 10), Why?

    A. There is a bug in Synergy Manager that causes the Humidity channel value to be displayed ten times greater than the actual. This problem has been fixed in version 2.11.x or later. Please upgrade to version 2.11.x or later. As a temporary workaround, use the normal range if circumstances permit.

  22. Q. I am using a Versatenn 3 controller. Now, with the free download version, as an example, we can set Synergy Manager to take data at a rate of once per minute. That will work fine and Synergy Manager will keep that rate for a while, then Synergy Manager will randomly take data at different intervals, as slow as one point every fifteen minutes! Then it will return to one point per minute after a few data points have been taken, but only for a few minutes. Then it will pick another random sample rate for a while, etc. What is happening?

    A. There is an issue with the Graph update procedure that causes the data logging or acquisition to pause while the graph is being updated. This will usually occur after approximately one hour. Which is the time necessary to fill up the graph with data. This issue has been fixed in Synergy Manager v2.10.x. Please upgrade to version 2.10.x or later.

  23. Q. I am using a Watlow F4S (single channel) controller along with a Synergy488 module and Synergy Manager software. I am able to communicate with the F4S using the Synergy488 module but I get 90103 communication errors. The errors do not seem to repeat at a consistent rate. Sometimes no errors occur for several minutes and other times there can be a couple errors reported within one minute. What is happening?

    A. The Synergy Manager does not support a Watlow F4S (single channel) controller. So the Synergy488 module may not handle the missing second channel hardware. Support for a Temperature Only configuration has been added to Synergy Manager v2.11.52. With this configuration Synergy Manager will query only channel one and associated values. Please upgrade to version 2.11.52 or later this will fix this particular issue. This will not fix any issues where the Synergy488 module is used to communicate with the Watlow F4S using a custom program.

  24. Q. I am using Synergy Manager version 2.10.82 with the UP550 Yokogawa controller. Synergy Manager (set point and actual) displays do not agree with what’s shown on the UP550 (set point and actual) display. The decimal points are in the wrong place. I have tried what was suggested in a previous FAQ but the displays are still different. What’s wrong?

    A. When the input setting is changed back to the original setting the controller would sometimes reset the SDP1 parameter back to its’ default value, which makes the problem reappear. Synergy Manager v2.11.x now uses the P.DP1 and P.DP2 parameters, which are used by the controller to control display scaling. Change these parameters appropriately to control both the controller and Synergy Manager display scaling. This FAQ replaces FAQ 14.

  25. Q. I have installed Synergy Manager on my company computer. There were no issues with the installation. I can run Synergy Manager when I am logged in as Administrator, but with another user, Synergy Manager does not work or generates database errors. Why?

    A. When installing Synergy Manager you must be logged in as Administrator so all the components can be installed properly. Synergy Manager will be installed so any user can use the application. If a user other than the Administrator has trouble running the application check to make sure the user has the appropriate rights and privileges to access the folder where Synergy Manager was installed. At minimum the user will require read, write, create, and execute privileges to the folder. See your company IT person for assistance in assigning these privileges.

  26. Q. I have a chamber with a VersaTenn 3 controller. I am using Synergy Manager to monitor and download profiles to the chamber. I need to control the LEV1 and LEV2 variables in a profile. Is there a way to do this?

    A. The profile editor does not support the LEV1 and LEV2 variables. The LEV1 and LEV2 variables can be controlled from the ‘Events’ tab when a profile is not running. Depending on the chamber configuration LEV1 or LEV2 will activate external equipment (i.e. Drier, etc.). To control the LEV1 or LEV2 variables during a profile use the workaround below.

    Workaround: Create a profile with the Profile Editor. Download profile to chamber ensuring no errors after download. Using a VersaTenn 3 user manual, manually change the LEV1 or Lev2 value of the step required and save it. Use Synergy Manager to start the profile.

  27. Q. I have installed Synergy Manager on my company computer. There were no issues with the installation and the Dongle key has been inserted. Synergy Manager has been started but is still in “Monitor Only Mode”. When I look at the ‘About Synergy Manager’ dialog the serial number is ‘FFFFFFFF’ and the status indicates ‘Invalid Application Key’. Why?

    A. The Dongle key has been programmed incorrectly. Call Tidal Engineering at (973)-328-1181 to obtain a RMA number to return key for proper programming.

  28. Q. I have a chamber with a Partlow 1462 controller installed. I have installed Synergy Manager on my computer with a valid dongle key and can communicate without any errors. When I try to change the set point to any value (within controller range) I receive an “Error 10002,From Port Response, Modbus Error – Illegal Data Address” error status message. Also if I try to download a profile the same error message appears. Why?

    A. The Partlow 1462 has a ‘Communications Write’ mode that must be enabled to allow values to be changed or profiles downloaded via the communications port. Please see ‘Partlow 1462 User manual’ on how to enable this mode.