Synergy Gateway

Web-Enabled Synergy Gateway Monitors and Logs Temperature Controllers and Up to 256 Sensors

The Synergy Gateway is a feature-rich Ethernet gateway and data logger developed specifically for monitoring temperature controllers. Designed to offer engineers and technicians unsurpassed flexibility, the device unites three communication capabilities and a robust thermocouple monitoring system into one instrument. 

The Synergy Gateway connects the industry's most popular environmental chamber temperature controllers to a LAN or the Internet via its standard on-board 10 BASE-T Ethernet interface, or optionally via an internal 36 Kbps modem, or external GSM cellular modem to facilitate wireless communication. Moreover, each module packs a 16-channel thermocouple monitoring system which, when joined in a 16-unit master/slave RS-485 daisy chain arrangement, enables the monitoring and data logging of 256 sensors on a single Web server. The device's unparalleled communication capabilities, coupled with the Synergy Gateway's capacity to acquire, analyze, and rapidly furnish precise data through its thermocouple monitoring system, empower it to effectively replace conventional chart recorders. 

The Synergy Gateway is ideal for employment in environmental test applications when attached to temperature, power, and process programmer/controllers in a wide range of commercial, industrial, consumer and military product testing and manufacturing applications. The instrument may be confidently used in batch process, electroplating, foodservice equipment, furnace/ovens, medical and dental equipment, packaging, plastic processing, pulp and paper, along with semiconductor product manufacturing. Listed among the environmental test chambers for which Tidal's Synergy Gateway may be specified are the tens-of-thousands of the third-generation VersaTenn III chambers from SPX's Tenney and Lunaire Environmental divisions, together with Watlow Electronic Manufacturing Company's 942 and F4 Series. The Synergy gateway is supported by Tidal's PC-Based Multi-Chamber Environmental Lab monitoring software, Synergy Manager.

The instrument is easily configurable to automatically transmit reports, data and alarm conditions via e-mail. Further, Tidal's new device creates and serves HTML reports, and functions as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) when answering dial-up-networking calls and providing seamless connections to standard Web browsers. The Synergy Gateway's 16-channel thermocouple monitoring system supports T, C, J, K, E, and R-type thermocouples, 0.1o C resolution, and 4-20 mA (DC) or 0-5V (DC) inputs. This system features built-in cold-junction compensation and provides two digital-to-analog output channels to transmit two analog voltages for control and charting. In addition, a Form C alarm relay is programmable to energize an audible or visual annunciator. Its operating temperature range is 32o to 140o F, and external power requirement is 5 W at 9 to 28 VDC. Measuring 7.000" (L) X 5.000" (W) X 1.625" (H), the Synergy Gateway additionally boasts a backlit LCD, and may be ordered with up to 8MB nonvolatile flash memory. 

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