MT488A Hand Held TesterMT488A Mini-Tester / Controller

An improved version of the MT488, the MT488A is narrower and lighter, fitting easily in the palm of the hand.  As a low cost and portable personal test controller, it’s both versatile and compact, weighing only 1.5 lb. It’s built in IEEE 488 interface and digital peripherals make it capable of serious test and control solutions. The MT488A includes a fully integrated WindowsTM based C Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for program development.

For more detailed information see the index at the bottom of this page.  Choose from Application Notes, Data Sheets, Press Releases, and full Technical Manuals.

MT488 at workCustom programs can be developed by instrument manufacturers who want a simple remote controller or who wish to add Macro recording and playback capability to their IEEE 488 instrument.

The MT488, introduced in April 1997 has been given wide acceptance by many customers. Units were shown at the IEEE Microwave conference in Denver in June 1997, at WESCON 1997, WESCON98 and at several RF component manufactures in NJ. Other users include power supply manufacturers and aerospace companies.

For more detailed information see the .pdf files at the bottom of this page.  Choose from Application Notes, Data Sheets, Press Releases, and full Technical Manuals.

MT488A-RC Remote Control Mini-Tester

MT488A Remote Control You don't have to be a couch potato to find a use for this Infrared Remote control Mini-Tester.  From trade show demonstrations and product presentations to just tooling around the shop, this device adds versatility and greater control to your test environment.  Users include people involved in dangerous testing including high voltage (>20kv), explosives and high EMI environments.




Detailed Information  

Application Notes 
Example Code for controlling a Lecroy oscilloscope. (pdf 8k)
When smaller and simpler just fits better. - RF Attenuators testing.  (pdf 52k)
Data Sheets 
MT488A - Mini-Test Controller (pdf 73k)
MT488-RC - Remote Control Mini-Tester (pdf 97k)
Press Releases 
5/11/99 - MT488A - RC Trade show flyers. (pdf 262k)
12/3/98 - MT488A-RC  Wins award in "Test & Measurement World"
12/7/98 - MT488A-RC Congratulations letter from publisher of T&M. (pdf 51k)
6/11/98 - MT488A Product Updates: Test and Measurement World.
3/11/98 - MT488A Introductory announcement. (pdf 35k)
Technical Manuals 
MT488A Complete Manual (pdf 89k)
MT488  Complete Manual  (pdf 266k)

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